Solutions for Consumer Products

One of the solutions that we have provided to our customers is Contact Lens Inspection Solution. Our system is capable of doing the inspection as listed below: 

  • Disposable Contact Lens Inspection
  • Contact Lens Inside Plastic Container 
  • Contact Lens Inside Molding
  • Dry Lens in the Shell
  • Color Contact Lens
  • Contact Lens Packaging Inspection

A) Contact Lens Inside the Container (with saline) can be inspected for defect befor sealing. Types of defects that the system can capture are: 

  • Cracks in the Edge
  • Chip-off in the Edge
  • Non-Circular Lens
  • Holes in the Center of the Lens
  • Foreign Particles
  • Lens Diameter Measurement
  • Missing Lens in the Shell Holder

B) Contact Lens Inspection Inside Molding - Our Vision system will check the bubble during the molding process of contact lens to make sure the defective lens will not go through subsequent process. Normally the bubble will occur in the middle of the lens. Defect lens with bubble will cause the lens to crack or breakup during the pickup process. 

C) Dry Contact Lens Inside the Shell - Our Vision system also capable of checking contact lens defecct with dry contact lens (before inject saline) inside shell. 

D) Color Contact Lens - Our Vision system is capable of doing the Color Contact Lens printing quality inspection. Example of the quality checking are the printing pattern offset, printing smear, printing spikes and also missing or incomplete printing. 

E) Contact Lens Packaging Inspection - Other than the quality checking on the contact lens itself, our Vision system is able to perform the checking on the packaging of the contact lens. Package Seal Integrity or the Date Code Verification are some of the capabilities of our vision system. 


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